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SECTOR Advisors serves companies in the technology, healthcare, consumer, and business services markets. Because we are sector experts in our four focus areas, we deeply understand the unique challenges of our clients. We know how to correctly position a company in the private capital marketplace to fully maximize the equity value or capital potential.

We also have meaningful and strong relationships with financial, strategic, and family office buyers and investors. We know how these investors behave in transactions. We know what they are looking for and how they prefer to structure deals. Most importantly, we know how to negotiate with these buyers and investors that achieves the exit and capital objectives for our clients.


Digital Transformation Services

Managed IT Services and Cloud Computing

Professional IT Services

Advanced Technologies

Healthcare Technology


Healthcare Providers and Services

Healthcare Equipment and Supplies


Internet and E-Commerce


Leisure and Consumer Products


Consumer Services


Specialty Retail



Information and Consulting Services

BPO and Outsourcing

Human Capital Services

Environmental Services

Security Services

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